Why Start a Blog? The Benefits and Introduction to Blogging
I am of the opinion that everyone must take advantage of the opportunities that blogging provides. Some People would often jump into blogging straight away without understanding what blogging really is. In this article, I hope I could at least help get you started to blog. There are many reasons that people may want to begin an online blog. It would be next to impossible. For all we know, there are over 150,000,000 blogs out on the internet and I'm sure everyone is able to come up with a different answer to"why do we blog? "why do you blog?" question. In this section I will discuss some of the top reasons to start blogging now and hopefully assist you in decide if blogging really is for you. There are four primary types of blogs. They are:
  • 1. Blogs that are owned by companies - these are blogs operated by a business who is selling products or services to individuals. Most of the time these types of blogs are used to send product or service updates to their customers. They are generally, they are created to develop solid relationships with them. An excellent example of a company blog can be found in the Google Blog which ranks 10th most popular blog in the world (according to Technorati)
  • 2. Personal Blogs - these types of blogs are more of an online diary where you keep track of your life, upload some of your cat's pictures and share these updates with the world. (pretty similar to how Twitter and Facebook are used today.)For more detail please visit:- Dịch vụ chuyển nhà tphcm cà phê rang xay Bồn tắm dui attorney near me
  • 3. Blogs that Provide Value typically founded by a single individual and usually run by a single person. They're blogs that are talking about relevant topics and have specific expertise. I.e. Problogger for blogging advice, Copy blogger for Copywriting, SEObook for SEO tips
  • 4. Automated blogs or fake blogs These are blogs I don't suggest, however they deserve to be mentioned because there are millions of them. Automated blogs are websites designed to scrape other blog's content. The basic thing they do is grab material from other sites and put it up to their blogs automatically using an autoblogging program. The owner of these websites have hundreds of these sites however even though each one just makes $5 per month, they can make quite a profit from it.
Blogs that provide value is written using an underline as that's the type of blog I would recommend that you construct. So if you're looking for ways to earn money from creating an auto-blog that steals content from others, this article is not appropriate for you. Instead, you'll be better off looking for information on one of the forums for black hats. If you're looking to help others (and earn money while doing it at least), Then this article may just what have everything you'll need to answer the - "Why should I create the blog Why should I start a blog?' question. There are four main types of blogs . The reason for creating them includes: Profit Money is always a great Motivator , and I'm not able to hide the fact that almost every blogger create blogs with the sole purpose of making money from it. In fact, (Although it doesn't sound good) I would not be blogging in the present if I didn't realize that I could earn a profit out of it. Notice:blogging only for money isn't something you'd like to do. Providing Value should be your number one priority and That's something that you should be aware of. below are some examples of successful blogs which were able to make their authors millionaires. 1. Johnchow.com - Blog written by John chow is a blog which earns more than $40,000 per month. 2. Mashable.com is a blog that is owned by Pete Cashmore that's focused on the social media news. it was said on a recent interview that mashable is currently earning more than $200,000 in monthly revenue. 3. Problogger.net (Problogger.net) Darren rowse, who is the author of Problogger, has never disclosed his exact earnings, but looking at the number of his followers and his alexa statistics, a good $45,000 per month calculation may be enough to conclude that his earning this big every month. Of course, these blogs had been online for quite a while and each of the owners had committed a lot of time and effort to reach where they are now. (by the way, if you'd like to read more blogs that make money, you are able to search on your favorite search engine: "Top Money Making Blogs in the world") While having a $40,000 monthly earnings sounds like a dream However, I'd advise you to aim for a more reasonable income first. $5,000 is a decent amount to aim for and there are many blogs out there who earns this amount. Once you've reached that threshold however, the sky really is the limit. Present your skills Blogs will always be an effective way to make you known as an artist, designer, guitar tutor or even a Food Lover who writes about food. Whatever profession you're in, blogging is always a great way to get you noticed. When you blog, it's creating value. Providing value means that you're displaying your knowledge for the rest of the world. Through blogging, I've been able to share my knowledge about making money online to an impressive number of people , including *you* and that's a good illustration of how effective blogging is. You get the chance to establish your self. Ease of use Before the advent of blogging the internet was impossible for the average Joe to start his own website. He'd have to shell out a significant amount of money to a web designer before he could get everything installed. But since blog Softwares along with CMS (content management Softwares) came into existence, it was never simpler for anyone (including myself) to develop a website. Anyone today who is able to hit a keyboard can simply upload content online. Content that not only appear in Text form and Video, Images, you name it. All of them can be included with just a few basic computer skills. That's basically the principal motives that I am thinking about whenever I see someone who blogs. Hopefully, This would get you inspired to get blogging today.

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