Why in the World Do People Blog?
Blogging is now a part of life for a lot of people within our society, as we get more and more connected to the internet. For those of you who don't know what a blog, it's the abbreviation of "web log". According to Wikipedia.org, a blog is defined as a web-based site which is maintained by an individual , with regular updates of commentary, description of events, or any other content such as images or video. Blogs are popular for a variety of reasons. It is a good example of: 1. to disseminate information regarding topics that are of interest to them. 2. To share opinions and ideas on topics that are of interest to you. 3. to create a personal journal or diary to record their everyday life Let's go over each of the above reasons in more depth. 1. to provide information on subjects that they are interested in. If you're an expert on a certain subject, and want to educate others about that area, blogging can be a great way to do it. There is usually no cost involved in setting the blog (i.e. Blogger.com is an excellent website which allows one to create an online blog for free) and you can have the potential to reach many more people via the internet than when writing a magazine or book. In addition, blogging gives you the possibility of giving regular updates on your subject as often as your desire. 2. To express thoughts and opinions about topics of interest We all have opinions about all sorts of things, such as current events or topics that are of significance. What better way to share those opinions by creating blogs? A blog does not have to be created by an individual. It can be developed by an entity for example, a news program TCL BLOG where viewers have the chance to send emails detailing what was discussed on air. The emails are then published on the show or news blog for all to read. This gives users the chance to post comments on the emails of others or blog articles. 3. To create a private journal or diary about their day-to-day life In some ways, blogging can be described as a method of keeping a diary or journal. Before computers came into existence the people kept journals that were filled with entries of their most private and intimate thoughts. The issue with diaries written in writing is that they can't be read by any other person unless the author actually gives it to someone to read. Blogs, on the other is seen by millions people. Most of us will not become famous, but the media will serve as the medium to record our thoughts and how we do. Instead, blogging gives people the chance to acquainted by simply discussing the everyday little things which matter most. Blogging is a great way for people to create an image of themselves for decades to come. Should everyone create a blog? That's a personal decision -- I believe it's based on what you'd like the blog to be used to serve. If you're passionate about something and want the world to know about the subject, then start a blog. If you have a business and want to stay in close contact with your customers by giving customers the chance to speak their thoughts about your product and/or service write. If you'd like for the world to know the most intimate and private thoughts because you think that your thoughts are important enough, then blog. I began blogging because I wanted the world to see something to remember me by. My blog will serve as an overview of who I am and what I've accomplished in my life. There are millions of blogs available on the web today. If you decide to create one more the likelihood is that it will draw the attention of someone other. Deidre Bourne is a new web-based marketer and home-based businesswoman who is keen on networking and connecting with others with an interest in self improvement homes-based businesses, home-based business and/or real mortgages for homes. I also write articles that serve as a source of information as well as inspiration and hope to others. My aim is to reach out and reach out to the most people I can to exchange ideas and learn from each other.  

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