Teaching Styles in Equestrian Coaching
Equestrian Coaching Only! Consider this for a second! You might know the things you teach or the reason you coach, but have you thought about the way your coaching style is? For more detail please visit:- https://capquangvnpt24h.com/ piano điện kawai As a coach , you are able to employ a variety of methods of teaching in your classes with your students. You may be more familiar with terms like teaching as well as instructional methods or facilitative techniques or methods based on your training and discipline. A lot of equestrian coaches employ a more explicitstyle of teaching during their lessons, where coaches give instructions or demonstrations and the students follow his instructions. Complete the survey here to learn more about the coaching styles of equestrians Imagine the lesson you have taught where you're saying: Whole ride, trot and the entire ride continues to trot on, or you tell the class: Everyone, come into this and everyone is brought in at the same time to the spot you have designated. These are common examples of when you, as the instructor, make all or nearly all the decisions and being accountable for the students who are learning during the lesson. A similar method of teaching lets students assume a bit more responsibility in making choices by practicing for a certain amount of time by themselves or with a teacher. Does this kind of teaching approach seem familiar? By taking more responsibility and making the decisions, students are able to evaluate their own progress against a set of criteria, or select the difficulty level at which they will take part. If you are using terms like Command, Reciprocal, Practice, Self-check or Inclusion when talking about your teaching style or methods when coaching, you're most likely to be using teaching methods that require pupils to replicate their existing knowledge, reproduce models, remember information and work on their techniques. If, for instance, you are instructing your students brush their horses correctly or pick their feet in a safe manner or go through the showjumping grid a few times it is likely that you are employing these methods of teaching. Complete the survey on coaching equestrians Different teaching methods that you can employ in your classes will attempt to shift the decision-making burden to the coach and onto the students. These are Guided Discovery, Convergent Discovery, Divergent Discovery, Learner-Designed Learning-Initiated, Self-Teaching or Learner-Initi students are most likely to learn new information by themselves. For instance, if your students are looking for new methods to interact with horses, then it is likely you are teaching using these methods. In these types of articles, the student is more likely to make decisions and be accountable for their own learning during the lesson. Be aware when you think about the style of teaching you're using. Sometimes names are employed in general terms which may not accurately define what is happening. For instance, coaches may claim to use Guided Discovery with a group of students. It is more likely Guided Discovery is used as an instructional method with just one student , rather than as a group of students. In general, Guided Discovery calls for the coach to pose a series of questions to ensure that the student is able to discover the answer. It can be difficult for every student to attain individual learning at the same speed as other students working in the group. Based on the way they are learning, certain students may be inclined to pose different questions to their peers in order to find the answer. The eleven styles of teaching such as Command Practice, Reciprocal, Inclusion, Self-check, Guided Discovery, Convergent Discovery, Divergent Discovery, Learner-designed, learner-initiated and self-teaching (labelled A-K) are located on the Spectrum of Teaching Styles. Since there is an endless number of teaching methods that are taught, these 11 styles are referred to as iconic teaching methods. Complete the survey for coaches of equestrians here The Spectrum of Teaching Styles, created by MuskaMosston and later developed in partnership together with Sara Ashworth (2008) is an unifying theory of teaching and learning that provides a complete framework to understand the process of teaching and learning. The Spectrum is based upon the premise that teaching behavior is an ongoing process of decision-making, and that each deliberate action of teaching is the result of an earlier decision. Prof. Sara Ashworth describes a teaching method as an action plan that defines the precise interactions between the teacher or coach] and the student or student for the goal of facilitating the achievement of certain goals in the subject and behavior. The majority of equestrian instructors know the reasons they instruct. As you get more proficient as a coach you are more aware of the lessons you teach. If you are confident in the content you're teaching when you coach and thinking about the way you actually teaching that material to your students during the lessons. As an equestrian coach consider the way you're currently coaching and the various methods you employ to teach. Think about how it is helping you. Being aware of the different methods of teaching that coaches could employ is a valuable piece of information. Utilizing a variety of methods can aid a coach in achieving different learning goals that are specified for each lesson. Spend a few minutes reflecting on the topics discussed here. What do you employ in your classes? See if you can determine which one of the styles from the Spectrum you employ. Below is a list of the eleven styles of teaching from the Spectrum below. Be aware that all teaching styles are applicable. There are times when you can only employ only one or two styles, and at times, you might employ a variety of styles in each lesson. There is no particular style or group of styles is more significant than the other - it all depends on the goals you want to accomplish. Understanding the Spectrum and becoming familiar with the distinctions between them can help you discover more about yourself as a coach. If you're an equestrian trainer, take this survey Understanding what coaches think about their teaching methods that they employ in their classes is crucial for the future of coaching education. The Spectrum offers a complete method that is logical, unique and logical to study teaching and learning which can be beneficial to equestrian coaches. Cristine Hall from Cristine Hall, from the University of Southern Queensland, Toowoomba, has created a brief set of questions for an online survey that could aid you in evaluating the methods you are using right now. Your comments about how you think you are doing is vital and will be a valuable contribution to ongoing research on coaching education. The questionnaire, aside from asking for some background information, is comprised of only eleven questions. The questions ask you how often (if you do) you employ all eleven teaching methods from the Spectrum when you coach. It's a single click answer per question. It's possible to complete it in just ten minutes! You can gain insight into your personal coaching by examining the methods described by the questionnaire.

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