Online Marketing – Back to Basics
Conventional radio and television advertising spend declined during 2008 , but reports indicate that marketing budgets on the internet are on the rise despite the global recession threatening to engulf as all. In fact, recent surveys conducted by Shape the Future, E-consultancy as well as the Internet Advertising Bureau all predict substantial and ongoing increases in spending on online during 2009/2010. Marketers will be using the online resources available at their fingertips to combat the current economic downturn. Websites, emails and blogs can all be used to be interactive, tailoring messages and promotions as they happen. The potential for genuine, one-toone marketing online is immense, however, the traditional rules still apply. When your customers are on the internet or shopping in your store, your brand experience must be continuous. A consistent design and appearance is a must, but online marketing bureau Eindhoven the same applies to the performance of your website. A flawlessly executed campaign using display advertising, print advertising and paid search will be useless if websites aren't loading quickly or your site is crashing under the weight of traffic you have successfully brought to it. Web users will only give you a few seconds to prove your point. Research shows that just 55% of online marketers believe that their online campaigns perform well in the face of unexpected volumes of traffic whilst over 80% of respondents acknowledge the harm to a brand due to website downtime and slow performance. If marketers are aware of the possibility of brand damage that can be caused by a bad online experience then shouldn't they demand more from the infrastructure supporting them? The significant growth in traffic to any website will impact upon your experience for visitors, without required planning to accommodate them. When a comprehensive marketing campaign has cost hundreds of thousands or even millions of pounds The online component must to be able to meet the demands. Marketers must begin asking questions of the internal technical support or agency they're working with in order to ensure that this won't happen. Here are some things to think about when planning your online campaigns for the year 2010. An online presence should be able to provide the ability to develop and implement the right solution to scale when the campaign or site grows both in terms of visitors marketing bureau Eindhoven and content. Whether you want to grow your web presence over a 24 month period or you are running a 3 month campaign that attracts millions of visitors from all over the world Flexible as well as "burstable" plans are offered with varying bandwidth services. The first step is to think about what's going to take place on your site and discuss it with the individual or the company responsible for keeping you online. If your site features an extensive catalogue of products, with Zoom technology as well as guided navigation the chances are your website web hosting system will split into web servers, and many more. For the best performance of all the features of your site the infrastructure should be designed using servers that are able to deliver a significant punch when it comes to processor power. If your website's has a seasonal traffic, then you'll also need the option of changing the way your infrastructure is being utilized. For instance, you can use servers to test user acceptance prior to peak season and then returning them in to the live environment as soon as your campaign launches. As well as contemplating the features you want to have built into your website You also have to consider what users will be doing and when they'll be able to arrive. Load balancing helps ensure that visitors are distributed efficiently however it also helps to ensure that downloading music internet marketing eindhoven  or images is fast and access continuous. Load balancing works by the spreading of traffic among the two servers as well as other services, improving the speed of downloads and minimizing time to respond, which helps attain the ultimate goal of positive user experiences. A gap of only a few seconds is all that is required to lose a potential customer and the associated potential revenue. Alongside load balancing, another way to improve the user experience is to focus on your most valuable customers by using traffic management guidelines. When you spot high-spenders through IP addresses or forecast patterns based upon typical routes taken on your site The route that users travel through your website could be prioritized for specific segments of your group of customers. This is especially useful when the buyer has everything they want in their basket and is ready to checkout. By making the checkout process the fastest possible you can ensure you don't lose customers at this all important point of conversion. 2009 has seen a significant increase in consumers buying music files, films and books online. Artists and rights owners, who do not want to get a cut of this revenue stream, have embraced the chance to sell their products online but have had varying degrees success. A worldwide launch for a product will be a great opportunity for planning particularly in relation to the website's capacity which should allow for thousands of customers to download files simultaneously. One way to deal with this challenge is to use the Content Delivery Network (CDN) service. It is essentially, your managed hosting infrastructure is tied to the world's largest network of servers. These are known as caching servers. Customers get redirected to the server geographically closest to them in order to ensure that they are able to download the file from that server. The stress on the hosting infrastructure is distributed throughout the network, which increases the performance of websites and ensures a smooth experience - irrespective of the location of the customer. The possibilities offered by digital marketing is vast. It is a flexible medium that allows you to engage with your customers quickly and easily. It also permits users to switch from your site to the one of a competitor with great ease. The number of users is staggering. 31.6 million members of the UK population using the Internet, the opportunity presented to online marketers is just enough to be worth taking seriously. Do not risk losing money, plan performance properly right from the very start of each campaign.

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