Get Out of Your Own Way and Start Living the Life of Your Dreams
There is a good chance that the person who hurts you the most in life isn't your boss who seems to be indifferent or your spouse who is not supportive, or your crazed neighbor. The person who is most likely to hurt you the most and hinder you from achieving true happiness is you. That's right. You are your self-destructing adversary. You're putting yourself in a bind. Do yourself an favor and get away from your own way. Who is it to tell me that I am putting myself back? You could claim. You see, I'm someone who was there, who was in that state that is "having it all". I have spent a lot of precious days of my existence working for others and not for myself. I always wanted to become the ideal mom and wife, and an ideal employee. Today, I need to be completely satisfied. My main goal is to make every day be the most enjoyable day of my life. Okay, how did you arrive at the point I'm at? Unfortunately, I can't provide you with the answer. There isn't a magic pill or specific potion, no set route to follow. You will need to discover it by yourself. I'll tell you that regardless of how much effort you put into it, regardless of the sacrifices you must make it's worth it. I will also say that the first thing you must take care of is yourself. It is likely that you have to think about things in a different way. Visit:- It is time to stop looking at obstacles and instead look for opportunities. It is time to become optimistic and never quit. Also, you must get out of your own way and let your fears and anxieties control you. There is no reason to not have anxieties and fears but they aren't able to control the things you do. For me, I needed be able to release many of the things that were causing me to mess me up. I needed to stop blaming others for my issues and begin accepting the responsibility for my own problems. I needed to let go of holding in the belief that a higher salary and a bigger house were going to make me happy but they didn't. I also needed to let go of the expectations that others had of me. In lieu of working to become everything to everyone, I am now focusing on what is most important to me: myself and my children. It may seem selfish however, in the end it has helped me be more able to give to other people. It's funny how that works. I would like to encourage you all to pursue your goals and work hard to achieve your ultimate happiness. Everyone deserves it, and if you have children it is impossible to expect that they will be content until you're first. Be sure to live, work and have Fun. Sara Morgan is the author of No Limits: How I got out of the shackles of Corporate America to pursue the life of a self-employed desires". Sara Morgan is an independent web developer , and is currently working on a set of DIY guides for those who want to create their own professional-looking websites.  

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