Blogging Tips For Teens – What to Write About
The days of the personal journal that we kept by us with our most private thoughts, fears and wishes began to fade away from the very moment when one realized it was possible to use the Internet could be a perfect platform for personal writing, that it doesn't have to be a collection of colleges with books on learning on offer, or websites offering discounts on this and the other item, which is, in reality, most people could easily manage without. The Internet, perhaps as it was originally designed, is an enormous medium for communications between everyone. The personal journal, with its soft cover or a lock that is easily damaged as well as the risks that Mom or Dad might discover it or that a jealous little sister might read out innermost thoughts to everyone in the school clique was replaced by The Weblog or Blog, and replaced by software which allows anyone who has Internet access to share their thoughts to the world. Visit:- It is estimated that there are at present upwards of one hundred million Blogs on the Internet However, not all are active However, they are open to all to read. Many are full of fascinating ideas, others have niche writing, poetry photos, erotica, business advice, and even the most obvious of hoaxes and frauds. The vast majority of options are Blogs written by teens from every walk of life. With the sheer number of Blogs already written, or being written each day It can be a challenge for a novice, particularly a teenager not used to writing down their thoughts on paper (so to speak) to find their place. The main problem for many is what to write about what they experience. Everything they do, experience, go through is normal for them - and hardly likely to be of interest to everyone else. The blog of a teenager will likely disappear into the morass and then there's the issue of what to write about at all. The creation of a Blog is the simplest part of the whole. The novice writer needs to go to one of the various services that offer blogging, like WordPress and sign up using an email address with a valid email address choose a theme that suits their preferences and they're set. But what do they write about? An absolute classic of literature, but not one that teens are likely to be familiar with or find interesting and interesting is Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Here, Robert M Pirsig gives advice to a student which is ideal for teens. Blogger. Write about your surroundings as well as your own daily routine. Find the town or city which you reside in, look around, record what you see. If you find that it is too much, then write about a single street, one single building that is located within that street. He goes a stage further with his student and tells her If writing about a structure is too much, or if writer's block is still there or a lack of ideas or ideas, then select a single brick from that particular building and write about the brick. Of it is true that the brick is just a metaphor, merely used for illustration, and it can be substituted for anything else. The teenage years can be a time when things change. We're no longer kids but we're not quite yet adults. We face a myriad of problems but few viable solutions which are suitable for our needs. Our generation is unique to the generation before that we're different to our parents not just in appearance, but also outlook, interests, ideals. It's a time of conflict, an time of exploration , and with the Blog, it's the perfect opportunity to meet other teens who are experiencing the same feelings and share with them. A blog is a great way to express frustration as well as happiness, to capture the little things in life which give satisfaction as well as the things that annoy us. A blog is something that doesn't judge us, which we are in complete control and completely and we have complete freedom to do as we wish. If a teenage Blogger writes about a spot that is in the middle of their forehead, their first time or a missed kick that has ruined a game or a gorgeous man or woman there is no one who can say they are wrong, no anyone to say they can't write about such things, or that they can write better. It is an open-book which welcomes any and any post. As a teenager Blogger Many will not yet have formed the idea of what they want to accomplish or be in their life, and the Blog is an ideal forum to test out ideas, to write with a heartfelt voice as well as to explore. There's no definitive solution to , 'what should a teenage Blogger be writing about', but there are numerous variables can be addressed are at play: write about things that intrigue you; write about what's fascinating about your neighborhood, school, friends or about music, events, shows, dancing, pets, and even little sisters. At first, any topic can be discussed with as much variety as possible can be added to the Blog but with time, the theme that dominates it could develop into a niche, one that will be of great interest. Write about the themes discussed in other Blogs as well as your own thoughts, add your own comments.  

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