All About Massage
A Brief Background of Massage Massage is perhaps the most ancient and most basic method of medical treatment. Egyptian tomb paintings depict people receiving massages. Massage has been practiced continuously from the beginning of time in Eastern civilizations. Massage was among the most effective methods for relieving discomfort for Greek and Roman doctors. Julius Caesar was said to receive a daily massage to relieve the condition known as neuralgia (nerve discomfort). The 5th Century B.C., the founder of Western medical science, Hippocrates wrote in the The Physician Must be Experimented in a Variety of Things, "but assuredly in rubbing... for rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose, and loosen a joint that is too rigid." Massage has lost some of its importance and prestige due to the negative image created by "massage parlors." The stigma is slowly disappearing as people realize that massage is a great way to relieve illness and aid in relaxation. As more people are aware of advantages of massaging as well as its connection to illness, the more accepted massage will be. Massage therapy is increasingly used within intensive care facilities, for elderly patients, children infants in incubators and those suffering from cancer, AIDS or 홈타이, 출장홈타이 heart attacks or strokes. The majority of American hospices offer some form of massage therapy and is often available in health centers as well as drug treatment clinics and pain clinics. Common Different Types of Massage Massage therapists are skilled in over 80 kinds of massage, referred to as the modalities. Swedish massage deep-tissue massage, reflexology and Acupressure (similar to acupuncture, but without needles) and sports massage and neuromuscular massage are some of the numerous methods of massage therapy. Massage therapists are trained in various modalities that require various techniques. Certain massage therapists employ exaggerated strokes that cover the entire length of a body area (such as the legs) and others employ rapid, percussion-like strokes using the use of a closed or cupped hand. Massages can last up to 3 hours , or as brief in 5 to 10 mins. The type of massage offered will depend on the needs of the client and their physical health. For instance, therapists might employ special techniques for elderly clients that they wouldn't apply to athletes, and they may employ techniques for those who have injuries that are not suitable for those seeking to relax. Additionally, certain types of massage are only available to a specific type of client such as massage for babies and prenatal massages are offered to women who are pregnant and new mothers, respectively. The benefits of Massage The practice of massage therapy involves the act of using the touch to manipulate soft tissue as well as the muscles in your body. It can be used to treat a range of issues such as treating pain as well as decompressing exhausted and stressed muscles, relieving stress, rehabilitation of sports injuries, and improving general wellness. Massage is often sought out for its therapeutic benefits and reasons of relaxation, and there are a variety of massage therapies that are available. Massage therapy can provide many benefits that range from improving the flow of blood and reducing the pain caused by injury and disease. Massage therapy triggers "feel good" hormones, which allow the patient to relax and relieve stress. If clients aren't able to manage stress this can cause health issues and may worsen those that are already present. Massage can benefit everyone from infants who are premature to the old. Massage can help infants thrive and develop; it assists children who have a range of physical, emotional and medical issues; and also helps ease the suffering of those suffering from death. If Massage is Not Indicated Massage therapy is a great treatment for almost every health issue, however there are some situations in which massage therapy can make the problem more severe (also known as contraindications). If a person suffers from an infection or fever that is of any type, massage can cause the person to feel more uncomfortable. If the person is impaired by alcohol or other drugs massage is not recommended due to the same reason. If the patient has an advanced illness, they will require written consent from their primary physician stating that the massage is beneficial and will not cause the condition worse. Recent surgeries or injuries (less than 4 weeks) typically require written consent from the physician who is primary care prior to the therapist being able to continue. Laws governing Massage Forty-two states , forty-two states and the District of Columbia and four Canadian provinces have passed legislation that regulate bodywork and massage - by way of registration, licensure, or certification. In the states and provinces which regulate massage therapists, they also require the massage therapist to have liability insurance. This comes with its own rules of behavior. States generally require the massage therapist has completed a degree in massage therapy training institution, usually with at least 250 to 500 hours of training. The typical education includes learning a variety of techniques, anatomy/physiology, pathology business, ethics, and on-the-job education, either in the school clinic or at the student's own discretion. The liability insurance covers the therapist in the event that the client gets injured during the course of massage or reacts to a product employed by the massage therapist. The law also regulates certain procedures for massages including the proper use of draping equipment and confidentiality of records of clients. What is Massage and isn't The majority of States that have regulations on massage insist for the Massage Therapist drape the client in all times, and only untie the area they are working on. Massage Therapists who have liability insurance must adhere to a code of ethics and conduct which must be adhered to in all instances. Infractions to these rules or the rules set by the state could lead to disciplinary actions being initiated against those who massage. Massage therapy is used for relaxation, or to reduce stress or the effects of illness or injury to the body. Massage therapy is considered to be a CAM therapy - Complimentary and alternative Medicine and the majority of massage therapists collaborate with other healthcare professionals. Massage therapists can work in conjunction with Chiropractors as well as Physical Therapists and occupational Therapists as well as nurses and doctors of various specialties. Massage therapists are not able to perform physical Therapy or Chiropractic work unless they are certified in one of these areas. Massage Therapists are not able to diagnose, but can treat and are not able to treat illness. Massage is not sexually oriented and the genitals as well as the areas around the anal are to be covered constantly. If the massage therapist feels the client's needs are beyond their area of expertise (knowledge) the therapist should refer the client to someone who is more skilled.

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