15 Famous Blogs From America!
As an aspiring youthful American who lives in this gorgeous country, I am very proud of it. It should be! Everyone else from other countries ought to feel the same. We are proud of a nation that has been a champion for the rights of its citizens and human rights even though they haven't been able to do so in recent times. This is something I'm not very proud of. Certain things that were made public in the US and the actions implemented have not helped its image and the reputation of other countries around the globe. However, enough discussion of politics in this piece! The web is a vast space. It has been growing at a rapid rate since the 1990's. It is also a mistake to categorize blogs or websites as belonging to a specific area or even a specific country is absurd. I'm referring to someone who is from Siberia inside an igloo could browse any blog that happens to be displayed here. It's like trying to distinguish American Sand and the other sand that is in the entire world. Sand is sand, and to differentiate between them is absurd! This article is about blogs that are infamously famous and a bit bizarre, originating by people from America. United States. I was interesting to discover those blogs with an "funny" smell. I actually find these blogs fascinating. It makes you want to read even when " liking" isn't in your thoughts right now." For more detail please visit >>> https://bz68.vip/ https://careerpakjobs44.blogspot.com/ This isn't one of those that says, "Hey, let's learn something that's new today! " or, "Let me brush my memory and clear my focals on this particular subject" to put it in a different way. Everyone enjoys a good laugh every now and then. If the situation were this grave, damn. I don't know what the future holds for us. Let's break away from the normal and caste and read the blogs that are presented here. 1. The Onion This is a fact that has been ranked on the top spot. This is, in fact, pure American foolishness! It's funny, however. A blog that publishes articles that make fun of everything extraordinary that has occurred in the United States and across the globe. There are videos on YouTube that have fooled by the thousands. I was taken aback by a YouTube video that talks about the way Justin Bieber was found dead. However, I discovered that it was a fiction story. LOL 2. Fail Blog A "fail" blog. Was it a failure as an online blog? Naw. These blogs are hilarious! It's really enjoyable to browse through the blog and read funny headlines and articles. As I was browsing and some of the headlines I saw, "Changing a Tire FAIL", "Nothing is responding" The events in Vegas is very disturbing to me" as well as "Yo-Yo Skills win". The company was established in 2008 and then bought in the following year in 2009 by Cheezburger Network. I sourced this article from Wikipedia about how it was able to become a hit. Fail Blog "really started to begin to take off after the financial sector decided to fail, ahem." 3. PEREZ HILTON It's like a hot day on this blog. I love it! Particularly the header and design of it! Pink Yo! This blogger is a famous blogger. Everyone in the blogging world has heard of his name and blog! Take this. He wrote about blogging "because it was easy." It is probably in a sense however, to increase the size of your blog is similar to trying to count the number of hairs that are on the head! It's not easy, is it? The blog is a source of the most recent gossip and news about celebrities. it, which has led to an uproar in the world. Still, a quite a sick blog, Perez. 4. The Daily Beast A blog about politics. I'm not a huge fan however "it's time to get rid of them!" They don't do much! It seems like Perez's blog. It is this time awash with the politics of the world. 5. Mashable Hey. I'm sure of that one! Dude? What is the point of this odd one? This isn't the only one to poke fun at! I am really enjoying this blog because it's very similar in its content to my own blog. I chose to add Mashable because they've worked tirelessly to create amazing content that has a funny slant inside! They deserved to be here! They discuss all the social media news, "but it also provides the latest developments and news in mobile entertainment, entertainment, online video and web development, business memes, technology, memes, as well as gadgets." - Wikipedia Take a look! You'll love it! 6. Brain Pickings Haha I love the logo. Toothpicks being removed from the head of a man. Another blog I'm not familiar with. Based on what I've seen it appears to be an online platform that allows us to discover something new about the world or to stimulate our minds with an incredible achievement! It's a lot of fun! 7. Laughing Squid Like the blog we have just seen over us. People who are creative like me will surely gain from these two blogs. Therefore, I won't let myself be lazy I went to the About page to find out the essence of what this blog is about. "Laughing Squid" is a collection of interesting art, culture and technology across the internet." This is all we need to be aware of! 8. Pink Sith That headshot! Is it Darth Vader with a boob! You have to admit that was the first time I was able to see Darth Vader changed to somewhat of a woman! It's pretty cool anyhow! The blog is written and is owned by Elvira and includes articles on cosmetics and makeup. Ladies? 9. TreeHugger No! This blog isn't about the environment, or the fact that you can hug trees! No! The name caught my attention too. This is why I am saying this. Create a unique and interesting name for your site. It's a nutty psychological trick that could draw people to your website. It's always a thrill for me. A name that is creative always leaves me wondering what the website is about. "TreeHugger is the most prominent media outlet devoted to making the sustainability movement to mainstream." 10. Boing Boing A blog that is quite familiar to many of you since it was founded around 2000. It was fascinating to discovered the fact that Boing Boing was first a magazine. It then became an online site, and then eventually the blog. Boing Boing seems to talk about news that is interesting every day and it seems that science is corrupt? Don't know. 11. OMG Facts OMG! Did I just add this website to the list? Haha yea! A blog that talks about random stuff and OMG events. Similar with the Fail Blog at the beginning. 12. The-F-Word.org It is believed that the people this blog should read by women. Do not believe it! Take a look at the picture above, and the title. What does it mean. "Food. Fat." and Feminism! I told you it was meant for women. It's just me playing" with you guys. I was stumped in the beginning, when I came across this blog. When you look at the name How could you possibly make a mistake? However, I was wrong and you were too. It's ok! 13. Social Media Examiner The "world's largest social media online magazine". I love the layout of this blog, which has the theme of safari. Excellent job on writing an informative blog on tools that you can utilize and instructions to maximize your chances of success within the Social media industry. 14. Sweep Tight A website that makes you want to clean your home right now! It's here that you can make yourself. If you head straight onto the website, it could change. Makes you kinda sleepy. The title of this blog is the same reason behind its inclusion on this list. 15. Copyblogger The last but certainly not last is the Copyblogger. Everybody in this blog must be aware of this blog! I saved this blog to the end because it's my absolute favorite blog to go to. For bloggers reading is an everyday habit. Reading in the form of a book is where a lot of inspiration is found.  

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